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The Voice of the Cybersecurity User Community

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The Cyber Standards Council connects user organizations on the front lines of cybersecurity, giving them a clear vision into the standards development process and a voice on the critical decisions that impact the products and services they rely on.

Members are united and empowered to articulate business requirements, mobilize support for vertical specializations, and define common best practices.

Dedicated to advocacy, adoption, and interoperability, the Cyber Standards Council drives its own agenda, conducting activities and producing deliverables for members and for the community at-large. The Council is managed by OASIS, a nonprofit, international, open standards consortium.


Our charter provides more details. Our agenda is shaped by our members.

Demand solutions. Share ideas. Inspire new approaches.


Cyber Standards Council members influence, track, and advance adoption of security standards that include (but aren’t limited to):

A structured language for cyber threat intelligence that enables organizations to share intelligence in a consistent, machine-readable way. STIX lets you anticipate computer-based attacks and respond faster and more effectively.

A transport mechanism for sharing cyber threat intelligence over HTTPS in a simple, scalable way. TAXII defines an API that aligns with common sharing models. It’s designed to support exchanges represented in STIX.

A format for disclosing cybersecurity vulnerabilities so that machine-readable security advisories can be produced and consumed broadly. CSAF makes it easier to identify and address known vulnerabilities within your networks, regardless of platform.

A standardized language for automated defense against cyber-attacks that enables machine-to-machine exchange of commands for investigating or mitigating against current and pending attacks. OpenC2 supports real-time, machine-speed response as well as interoperable coordination between domains.



Provide guidance, voice concerns, and identify insights that can be shared with standards developers. Demand interoperability and conformance.


Leverage the knowledge of fellow Council members. Enjoy peer-to-peer sharing and real-time problem solving. Have your questions answered by people who’ve been where you are now. Inform your decision-making.


Collaborate to articulate business requirements and mobilize support for vertical specializations. Promote adoption of common best practices.


Monitor cybersecurity standards without engaging in day-to-day specification development issues. Stay plugged in. Save time.


3-5 Oct 2018 / Washington, D.C.

Cyber Standards Council F2F meetings are held in conjunction with Borderless Cyber conferences and at other times. These meetings will strengthen your professional network and connect you with others in the cybersecurity user community. We discuss and explore issues on how standards can and are driving change, as well as best practices for implementing interoperable products to ensure your business is secure and future–proofed. The next Borderless Cyber event will be co-hosted by The World Bank, Georgetown University, and OASIS.

Cyber Standards Council

The Voice of the Cyber Security User Community